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Our taxis are smoking free, as mandated by Colorado law.

We Abide by the Following Colorado Laws:

Drivers must accept, and transport where directed, any orderly person/party unless previously engaged. A taxicab may not carry more passengers than the vehicle is designed to seat. Drivers may refuse to transport freight or animals, except service animals (any guide dog, signal dog or other animal trained to work or perform tasks for a person with a disability).

Our Drivers

Our service and performance as a quality taxicab provider is only as good as our independent contractor drivers, and how well they collaborate with our support staff to take care of customers. Our focus is to attract independent operators who not only meet the necessary skills and job requirements, but who also share our commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and service.

Drivers are contracted subject to passing our training program and meeting a series of minimum requirements including criminal background checks, five-year record of excellent driving, knowledge of the service area, sensitivity to passenger needs and other criteria related to their prior work performance.

Our new driver orientation programs include a mixture of both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. To be certified, drivers must demonstrate mastery of all operational policies, procedures, safe and defensive driving practices and technical driving skills. They must also meet our criteria for courtesy and skills in customer relations. Over time, we reinforce our key practices and procedures with our drivers.

We ensure that our drivers have geographical knowledge and map reading skills, for the entire Northern Colorado area. We also orient our drivers on helping clients with special needs with sensitivity and care, and we require drivers to maintain high standards of cleanliness, both in the appearance as well as the cleanliness of the vehicle, both inside and out.

We are proud to be known as an innovative and progressive company focused on operators as both business partners and key customers. As part of this goal, we are committed to helping members of minority cultures do well. In Northern Colorado, we have a significant number of drivers and passengers who are members of minority cultures and we are proud of our diversity.

To ensure that we retain the drivers we contract, we provide them with high levels of service, holding regular driver meetings to maintain open communications, identify and correct problems, and continue to work together to improve service.